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Effortlessly Manage, Optimize, and Save on Your Software Stack.

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Say Goodbye to Wasted Software Spend

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How It works

Integrate your Software Stack in Minutes

Supercharge your team with our intuitive platform enabling you to easily connect and centralize all your software vendors in just a few minutes. 

500+ apps, Infinite Possibilities

License Logic is regularly adding more apps, so you can manage and optimize the vendors you use today and tomorrow.


Easily Manage and Optimize SaaS Spend

Streamline your license management, centralize your software stack, and eliminate redundancies.

No More Renewal Surprises

Receive automated reminders, track renewal negotiations, and avoid unnecessary costs.




License Logic’s platform has been a game-changer for us managing out SaaS vendors such as Microsoft 365. With seamless integrations and centralized visibility, we’ve gained better control over our software ecosystem and reduced our wasted spend. 


Daniel Bloom


Unite all your tools in License Logic

License Logic connects with 500+ of your favorite tools. Spot redundant vendors, set renewal reminders, and streamline your software license management